With an enormous number of smartphones available today in market, it is really hard to distinguish and choose between them. Utmost smartphone satisfaction undoubtedly is fetched on the basis of the applications, the smartphone possesses. Android and iOS are the two major giants of the industry which have occupied the whole show. Both the giants are a perfect fit for business with sharp displays and long battery life. But it is not only the hardware which matters in a smartphone but other important factors too, like the software and the operating system version, smartphone is gearing upon.

Both iOS and android can provide the users with basic facilities and basic productivity requirements, however, both the operating systems share significant differences which make each of them a totally unique platform.


Android apps: Unrivaled platform

Android Apps Development store gives a tough fight to the iOS store with the presence of more than 1 million apps. Serving all the basic needs of the users from all verticals, from applications dealing with records of notes to viewing and editing documents and budget balance, android apps take care of all. Android however may face certain bottlenecks at times. There are applications that tend to debut first on iOS than on android. While others may be specifically designed for iOS!



iOS Apps: Uncountable numbers released till date

iOS gives a beck to neck competition to the android app play store. It provides an incomparable match to all the applications available on android. Further, there are various iOS apps development resulting into unmatched apps like Kashoo accounting app designed specifically for iOS.

Both android and iOS are therefore unparalleled in the offerings they offer. Chrome InfoTech is a leading Mobile Application Development Company. Providing the services both of android apps development and iOS apps development, Chrome InfoTech is the king of the industry!