Apple has mastered the art of grabbing wows with every new release of iPhone, Last year it was A7 chip processor, Fingerprint detection technology and a superfine camera which has capabilities matching to the DSLR cameras in iPhone 5S which has registered a great success and increased number of iPhone users.

This time much awaited iphone 6 comes with more new and exciting features which are going to thrill everyone’s mind and heart. And not only technology inside the phone is going to buzz the market but the accessories are predicted to be selling like hot cakes and why so? It’s because of the blend of style and technology which is totally induced into these accessories to enhance the overall experience of iPhone6. Now let’s discuss some of these amazing must buy accessories:

  1. iPhone 6 Case:
    Apple has launched clear case for iPhone 6 this time. It has a hard back panel which is crystal clear in color. It is equipped with air cushion technology which adds one more star to the product as it protects it from the damage which can be caused by a drop. The price point of this type of case is around $15. There are more types of cases available for iPhone 6 like leather or silicon cases etc and they come in various colors.
  2. Powerful headphones:
    Apple is offering Dr. Dre over ear and in ear head phones. These head phones are well equipped with powerful speakers and stylish stint. The over ear headphones comes with the name “Beat”, which are colorful and stylish.
  3. iPhone 6 Ear pods :
    This tech gadget comes packed with remote and mic. and that’s how Apple has maintained the standard of class which comes with its name.
  4. iPhone6 Cover:
    Here comes the clear again like it’s case Apple has launched clear covers also and they comes in feminine clear gold and masculine clear gray colors. They are very chic and trendy but that doesn’t mean that this piece of accessory is only sophisticated, it is dust resistant, glare resistant and washable.
  5. Other accessories:
    There is a long list of accessories which can be bought for various purposes, few are like hands free Bluetooth kit, high quality shower speakers, car charger, Apple 5W USB power adapter, Fitness tracking wrist band which is wireless, Desk stands etc .Every accessory has unique features and solve some of the day today purposes.
    In all I can say that these accessories have substantially added to the urge of buying iPhone 6 as they are stylish ,elegant yet made to ease the overall functioning of the phone.