When we talk of “next” or “new”, we expect “better”, and this is exactly what rumors are telling about iPhone 6. And as it is an iPhone we are talking about, most of the rumors have the chances of turning into reality. Let’s see all the features which are expected to be included in upcoming iPhone 6.

Design: This time we can expect thinner and slimmer body of the phone as, which is what” in trend” these days. The thickness of iPhone 6 will be of 7MM which is .6 MM less than the iPhone5s.But curve back and retina display is expected to be same as in iPad mini

Screen Size: Larger screen size is what everyone is expecting from iPhone6. It will be more than 5” in this launch of iPhone. Larger screen demands better and increased resolution for sharper and detailed display of text and images. It will add one more star to the look and feel of the phone

Bigger battery: Increased screen size means more space for battery and hence bigger battery. A big battery is always a blessing for those who are generally on the go. This time the increase of 15%-30% capacity of the battery can be expected

Memory: This time Apple is expected to increase the memory from traditional 1 GB to 2 GB and this boost can make a home for more Apps, data and background processes and not to forget faster retrieval of queries. This increase in memory is going to attract many users.

Touch: The better touch ID is what everyone is looking forward in iphone 6. This time, it is expected that, Apple has improve the touch ID of the phone, which in turn will result in faster reactions, low in false negative rates and quick response for a wonderful experience.

Performance: Now if we talk about the overall performance, it is estimated that the iPhone 6 will deliver the blend of top notch technology, awesome design and increased battery life. The faster GPU and CPU with faster “A” series processor will deliver the expected satisfaction from the Iphone 6.